The next generation of identification will be through voice. Pindrop’s mission is to provide identity, security & trust for each and every voice interaction, moving to a secure conversational economy.

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Conneqtech develops platforms that enable connected mobility with GPS and rental tracking, specializing in IoT solutions for bicycles, as well as healthcare applications.

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Nuki is a pioneer in the residential smart-lock space in Europe. It retrofits residential locks and multi-family entrances, providing smartphone or fob credentialing, and smart access control.

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Yonomi is the IoT company that’s creating a more connected smart home. Its IoT platform provides developers with the tools to build, integrate, and scale great smart home products and services.

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iDevices is a pioneer in the connected home industry. Allegion was the lead investor in its Series C round. iDevices was acquired by Hubbell Incorporated in Q2 2017.

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Allegion Ventures

Allegion Ventures and Pindrop

Pindrop is a pioneer in voice security and authentication – and their proprietary technology bridges a gap that our team sees between physical and digital security. Allegion, as a global security leader, will partner with Pindrop to add valuable industry and IoT expertise. Having Allegion Ventures as an investor strengthens the technology’s ability to meet customer needs and accelerates its adoption in new markets.

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Allegion and ConneqTech

Within the current complexity of ICT solutions, Conneqtech is the professional partner for organisations to connect traditional products and/or services to the internet. With extensive knowledge in the field of Internet of Things, Conneqtech can deliver added value through revenue-increasing smart ICT solutions. In May 2018, Allegion made an equity investment in Conneqtech.

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Allegion and Nuki

Nuki is an innovative European smart home company. In February 2018, Allegion made a minority investment in Nuki in order to work together toward developing best-in-class digital platforms for the European IoT marketplace.

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Allegion and Yonomi

Yonomi is a leading mobile application and cloud platform provider for connected living. In May 2017, Allegion made an equity investment to help accelerate the ThinCloud™ platform's integration with key devices in the connected space and scale Yonomi's enterprise services for device makers.

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Allegion and iDevices

iDevices is an early leader in the next-generation connected home, that manufactures connected power, lighting, and climate control solutions for homeowners, professional installers, and builders. For more, visit the iDevices website.

Allegion was the lead investor in its Series C round. iDevices was acquired by Hubbell Incorporated in Q2 2017.