Meet the team

Allegion Ventures has assembled a team of subject matter experts on:

  • Security and access
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data intelligence
  • Systems architecture
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate venture capital

Expanding Frontiers through Corporate Venturing 

Rob Martens

President of Allegion Ventures & Allegion Futurist

Rob is a unique tech visionary who has in-the-trench experience as an entrepreneur and a corporate investor. He’s been in your shoes, and understands that it’s not enough to have a brilliant idea or create a viable concept – you have to make tech understandable to people who don’t normally think about it, and have the relationships, tenacity and talent to scale a business, go public, or sell it. Rob was recently named one of the top influencers who will lead the IoT and someone you want to follow on social. 

Doshia Stewart


Chief marketing officer, Allegion Ventures

Doshia and her team are natural connectors of people, ideas and data, helping the world understand how tech and innovation improve their business and daily life. Our portfolio companies tap into this team’s experience in marketing, brand strategy, digital, PR and strategic planning—all aimed at helping you grow your business and scale marketing communication. 


John Goodwin


Principal, Allegion Ventures

John is a tech guy with a business mind, who specializes on user experience and systems architecture. His creativity and instincts help him figure out ways to improve businesses with emerging and evolving technology. Our portfolio companies particularly appreciate his unique ability to find potential in good ideas and suggest possibilities and applications they hadn’t envisioned.


Robert “Bobby” Prostko


Managing director of Fund II, Allegion Ventures

Bobby has a passion for helping other people grow their businesses through innovation. Legal and technology issues are uniquely intertwined, and it’s hard to find someone who understands both, which is why Bobby is particularly valuable to our portfolio companies. He has a wide range of experiences, from working with startups to advising large tech companies on M&A, investment, privacy, intellectual property and cybersecurity strategies, and is an expert at creating easy-to-understand solutions to guide executives through the complexity of technical and legal problems.

Hatsuki Miyata


Principal, Allegion Ventures

Hatsuki blends creativity with a critical mind and discipline to think outside the box to solve problems. As principal at Allegion Ventures, she seeks to understand the core essence of a business and the strengths of their management team. Our portfolio companies appreciate her willingness to collaborate and lean on her extensive knowledge as deputy general counsel and corporate secretary of Allegion.


Touchdown Ventures

Touchdown Ventures is an important part of our extended team, and supports Allegion Ventures at all stages, including deal sourcing, due diligence and ongoing portfolio company management. Their offices are in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.