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Open-Plan Work Spaces Lower Productivity And Employee Morale

In recent years, open-plan office spaces became a trend that businesses were quickly jumping on. Many large corporations redid their office design just to accommodate the newly desired open work spaces. Today, studies show that these open work spaces have the opposite effect they were meant to, and actually reduce productivity and lower employee morale.

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Office Space Management Software Gets $20 Million in Funding

Office space optimizer Robin just received a $20 million dollar boost in funding to expand its operations in scheduling and coordinating. Join Robin Founder Sam Dunn on Cheddar as he talks about how his company is revolutionizing the office environment.

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You Are Here (And So is Everyone Else)

As the world’s population grows, it also becomes increasingly urban. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this number is expected to jump to 67% by 2050, according to the United Nations. With our cities becoming more and more crowded, the need to plan our spaces more effectively has become an imperative. Recent advances in technology and security can help as we begin to address this issue.

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Allegion Ventures Adds HqO to Its Investment Portfolio, Signifying Continued Growth of IoT in the Workplace

HqO’s tenant app gives employees all-in-one control over their workplace experience, and connects them to local amenities, e-commerce, events and the building community. Its dashboard enables property managers to better understand tenant needs and improve the building ecosystem, helping increase their revenue opportunities and tenant retention.

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Allegion Ventures Invests in Robin – Fueling Smart Space Utilization, Productivity, People Flow

Robin’s workplace experience platform lives at the intersection between people and space. Its software manages the daily office workflow – including visitors, rooms, desks and office services/providers – as well as gives companies insight into what their teams need from the office. Its apps, which include functionality for scheduling, seating charts and mapping the workplace, are an important value proposition for customers and people who use the space.

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Infographic: Space utilization

Cities are becoming more crowded, but workplaces can still feel like a ghost town – and not just on Friday afternoons. As more workplaces offer flexible and remote work options, they can repurpose underutilized space to serve the demands of a growing urban population. Check out this infographic to learn more about space utilization, and how access control technologies are helping 

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Allegion Ventures Becomes Strategic Investor in Voice Security Innovator Pindrop

Pindrop is a pioneer in voice security and authentication – and their proprietary technology bridges a gap that our team sees between physical and digital security. Allegion, as a global security leader, will partner with Pindrop to add valuable industry and IoT expertise. Having Allegion Ventures as an investor strengthens the technology’s ability to meet customer needs and accelerates its adoption in new markets.

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Voice and Society

AI and machine learning technology is taking voice assistants to new levels in both the home and workplace, driving a seamless experience. Moving from our homes to our cars to our work, voice technology is blurring the lines to help us be more productive. As voice interfaces find their way into more homes around the world, look – and listen – for these simple-to-use interfaces to begin showing up in other aspects of our lives, like at schools and healthcare facilities.

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Voice in Everyday Life

Join Doshia Stewart and John Goodwin on how voice technology is impacting the way users interact with mobile devices, and how it's making everyday behaviors, like searching for information, easier.

Voice as a Platform

Voice has made interacting with technology more fluid and natural. Join Doshia to hear John Goodwin's thoughts on how voice has gained traction among consumers, and how the rapidly growing voice infrastructure is setting our society up for the future.

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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Bobby Prostko, Principal of Allegion Ventures, also works as Allegion's chief cybersecurity counsel. Doshia Stewart, CMO of Allegion Ventures, joins Bobby to dive deeper into cybersecurity and how it affects portfolio companies.

The Hype Report: #IOT18

To understand the reality of the IoT today, its fortes and its flaws, Tyto asked more than 50 of the world’s leading IoT influencers for their opinions, including Allegion Ventures' Rob Martens. From encouraging stories about the IoT in action, to concerns over security and other challenges, the business leaders they spoke to had a lot to say about the most important and discussion-worthy areas surrounding this exciting topic.

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Allegion, Heritage among corporations leaping into venture investing

“We’re definitely seeing a big swing up in this direction [of companies having corporate venture capital funds],” said Rob Martens. “Everyone has a little different mentality toward corporate venturing. It’s definitely not one-size-fits-all,” Martens said. “But there are big advantages to it, and that’s why I think you’ll continue to see it grow.”

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Exclusive Talk with Rob Martens, President of Allegion Ventures

Rob Martens shares his thoughts on the future of Allegion Ventures, predicts some of the biggest business opportunities affected by the IoT, advice for new tech startups, and his own reading list that has influenced his thinking.

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Q&A: Allegion Ventures president focuses on fostering innovation

Rob Martens talks to the IBJ about the kinds of companies Allegion Ventures will consider funding, check size, and why he wanted to be part of Allegion Ventures.

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Allegion Pipeline 'Robust' For $50M Corporate Venture Fund

Rob Martens was interviewed Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick and talked about the idea behind the fund and the decision to make it happen. Targeting innovation in the security industry, Rob says early interest is strong and includes conversations about innovation in central Indiana. "We've had well over 50 companies that we've had conversations with, (and) some of them have been local," said Rob Martens. "And I will tell you that central Indiana has some very competitive technology and very competitive entrepreneurs."

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Allegion Launches $50 Million Corporate Venture Fund

Allegion announced the launch of Allegion Ventures, a $50 million corporate venture fund formed to accelerate the growth of innovative technologies and products, on March 8, 2018. Allegion Ventures will invest in early-stage companies that are poised for growth and going beyond traditional approaches to make security and access smarter, stronger, faster and less intrusive. Rob Martens has been named Allegion Ventures’ president – he also serves as Allegion’s head of external partnering and collaboration, as well as its global futurist.

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Tech Talks: High Alpha

Rob Martens talks to Eric Tobias, CEO and co-founder of High Alpha about a variety of topics, including how to scale a tech company, how large companies can learn to move at the speed of tech, and why culture matters. Watch the entire video series on YouTube.

Allegion Forms Alliance with European Smart-home Innovator Nuki

In February 2018, Allegion made a minority investment in Nuki. Founded in Austria in 2014, Nuki’s cornerstone product is a retrofit residential smart lock. The Nuki Smart Lock, which is easily installed on top of an existing key and lock, offers Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and Nuki Fob credentialing and fits the majority of existing European locks. 

Allegion Expands IoT Footprint with New Yonomi Alliance

Yonomi is a leading mobile application and cloud platform provider for connected living. In May 2017, Allegion made an equity investment to help accelerate the ThinCloud™ platform's integration with key devices in the connected space and scale Yonomi's enterprise services for device makers.