Allegion has mobilized a cross-functional ESG Council to support our ongoing commitment to environmental, social and governance matters.

What is ESG?
Allegion ESG

Our eight values are at the very heart of Allegion and the way we run our business.

These values are an important guide for our ESG efforts and approach. 

Serve others, not yourself

Serve others, not yourself

“Serve others, not yourself” represents the idea of helping the people you work with and the people around you. Allegion encourages employees to be good corporate citizens by doing more for the communities in which they work and live. Many locations have developed a dedicated team of employees who plan, decide, and coordinate volunteer service projects for their campus, lifting up their local communities. Events like volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, building a home with Habitat for Humanity, and environmental beautification projects are some of the most popular initiatives.

Serve others, not yourself

Do the right thing


“Do the right thing” encourages employees to act honorably in everything that they do. This value also reminds employees that if there is an inner voice telling you that something is wrong, it probably is -  so don’t ignore it! Like all of its values, Allegion hopes that employees always do the right thing both at work and in their personal life. 

Fabrizio is the Regional Specification Leader for Italy and Spain, working specifically with project based business. We asked Fabrizio why this was his favorite value, and he had this to say: “I mean, this reminds me that we always have a choice, and often the best thing to do is the tough path. Nevertheless, we do this because doing the right thing always leads to better results.” 

Fabrizio considers this value core to all of Allegion’s values. “Customer experience is a part of our DNA. Ensuring that we do the right thing by our customers is always a focus of mine, and I believe that is true for many others at Allegion as well. This is the value that makes all the other values fall into place.”

Serve others, not yourself

Be curious beyond the obvious

“Be curious beyond the obvious” encourages employees to be continually interested in everything, everywhere. The core of this value is a continual pursuit of innovation and creativity.

Learn how Dalton uses this value at work.

Serve others, not yourself

Have a passion for excellence


“Have a passion for excellence” emphasizes the idea of making Allegion a better company. In turn, having a passion for excellence makes us all a better version of ourselves as both an employee and as a person.

Kevin is the Specification Consultant Development Director for Allegion’s Specification Writing division. He serves as the trainer for the Specification Writers Program, and he is honored to be have an impact on people’s careers. “This is the most rewarding opportunity of my hardware career. I get the opportunity to shape the lives of these young people and provide them with a skill that will serve them regardless of where this company leads them.” Kevin lives this value every day, and in every part of his job. “Allegion has allowed me to develop and grow in many different ways. I’ve been trained in many different areas and offered opportunities to fulfill those trainings.”

Serve others, not yourself

Enjoy what you do and celebrate who we are

This value honors Allegion’s past, present and future, while bringing a spirit of play to work. Enthusiasm is contagious, and work is better when we love what we do. We take an honest interest in each other, celebrating all of our unique diversity.

Serve others, not yourself

Be safe, be healthy

Allegion promotes good safety and health habits, both inside and outside the office. Whether it’s wearing protective gear, getting some fresh air and exercise, or taking a quick zen break, Allegion wants employees to protect their physical, mental and emotional well-being every day.

Serve others, not yourself

Be empowered and accountable

Allegion encourages employees to give themselves and others the tools needed to succeed. There isn’t needless red tape, or bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy. Employees have the freedom to be bold and take action, learning as much from failure as success.

Jessica H. feels that this value gives her the freedom to be creative and test out new possibilities, exploring new technologies. 

Serve others, not yourself

This is your business, run with it

Your work is important! Question process. Cut out inefficiency. Look for ways to continually improve our business by making it your own. Never be satisfied with “Good enough,” and always think of ways we can be better – then work to make it a reality.