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While environmental and social measures look at how we interact with the world and the people in it, governance considers processes, policies and accountability. It sets high standards for our leaders, employees, Board of Directors and business partners. We believe in transparent and proactive governance rooted in our core values,
starting with "Do the right thing."

Recent progress

Click on our recent milestones below for more information.

Independent chairs for board, committees
Executive incentive payouts tied to the ESG scorecard
Board of Directors 75% diversity
Whistleblower policy prohibits employee retaliation
No direct corporate political donations

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Corporate governance

Allegion believes in transparent and proactive corporate governance. Learn how we approach this on our Corporate Governance page. 

Anti-human trafficking

Rooted in our “Do the right thing” value, we have zero tolerance for modern slavery, human trafficking or child exploitation in our company, operations and supply chains. 

Ethics & compliance program

Our Ethics & Compliance Program is structured to help us engage ethically not only with our internal employees, but with external business partners and communities as well. 

2023 Annual Report & More

Dive into our results for the past year in our Annual Report and More. Gain insights from our CEO or examine the events and topics that defined 2023. Looking for the details? Our 10-K offers a comprehensive look at Allegion's business and financial results each year. 

2024 Proxy Statement

Take full advantage of your right to be informed as an Allegion shareholder with our detailed annual Proxy Statement.