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Allegion Ventures is looking for entrepreneurs who share our pioneering spirit. We invest in and accelerate the growth of companies with innovative technology and software to bridge physical and digital security and create seamless user experiences.  We’re looking for early-stage companies that are poised for growth in these areas:

  • Enabling technology that makes access more seamless and secure, crossing locations and devices.
  • Solutions that make buildings and the assets in them smarter, offering insights and productivity.
  • New ways to secure assets and monitor their condition.
  • Advancements in the management of different parts of a building’s lifecycle, spanning design, construction, maintenance and adaptive re-use.

As a global company, we know that great ideas have no boundaries, so we’re not bound to any particular geography.

Focus areas for Fund II

The success of partnerships built through Fund I drove momentum for the creation of Fund II, which will write initial checks that are generally in the range of $500,000 to $10 million. Fund II will focus on a wide range of opportunities in bridging physical and digital security.

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Building analytics

Utilizing data ecosystems to help buildings become more intelligent.

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IoT and data security 

Keeping IoT systems safe.

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Construction lifecycle 

Improving building lifecycle management, from construction and maintenance to renovation and reuse.

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Property management

Innovating the way people operate and manage properties.

Other areas of interest include enhancers for seamless access, identity management, connectivity, and people flow; managing the condition and security of inanimate objects; building sustainability and efficiency; and innovative construction technologies.

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