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We encourage our people to embrace a culture that emphasizes safe and healthy lifestyles - both at home and at work. To help our communities do the same, we've partnered with a number of organizations that empower healthy habits and tackle systemic and broad-based challenges to health and wellness.


Staying Active

Our value of “Be safe, be healthy” demonstrates that our employees around the world believe safety and health go hand in hand. The healthier we are, the better we will be able to withstand and adapt to the rigors of the job and the rigors of the day. Recognizing this, and having management that cares, is an expectation at Allegion.

To live our value, Allegion offers employees access to programs and incentives that are meant to encourage their health and safety, both on the job and off the job. For example, as a part of our healthcare offering in the United States, our people can use a mobile application to accomplish personalized goals (like walking a certain number of steps or avoiding caffeine) and earn HSA money as a result. Across the world, our employees are also empowered to start different health and safety programs at work based on localized interests – like yoga and nutrition classes, walking and running clubs or emergency responder training. Some of our workplaces have adopted bicycle sharing programs and smoke-free campuses, while others regularly form sport teams or run marathons.

Cancer Research & Prevention

Many at Allegion have been impacted by cancer in some way – motivating our people across the globe to support research and prevention through a variety of organizations and events.

In Cincinnati, our manufacturing team members fully embrace October as “Breast Cancer Awareness” month – holding a fundraiser that annually garners thousands of dollars for the cause and culminates in a survivor’s breakfast to honor employees who have been impacted.

Across the world, in Australia and New Zealand, our team members raise money for breast cancer awareness in October, too. Fundraisers range from an annual pink cupcake bakeoff in Auckland to team spirit days and Halloween-themed events in Melbourne and Brisbane.

And while support is strong in October – our team members are generous yearround, helping groups like the American Cancer Society, the Australian Fight Cancer Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, among others.

Heart Health

As we look at the disease states that personally affect employees, customers and their families, heart disease and stroke are high on the list. In 2018, Allegion started a sponsorship of the American Heart Association and some of its new technology and thought leadership programs. All around the world, we are bringing new focus and attention to heart health, and our senior leaders and employee-led groups are actively embracing the cause and heart-smart heroes who live by example.