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Because we are a global company, our people work to address the diverse and unique needs of the communities where we operate through local programs and initiatives.



From Colombia to Canada, our teams across the Americas region are passionate about serving others.

At the Americas regional headquarters in Indiana, an employee-led “GIVE” group and a community relations committee work to organize volunteers and raise funds for the local Boys & Girls Club, United Way and The Ronald McDonald House, among other organizations near and dear to employees, annually.

In Canada, the Daily Bread Food Bank is an organization that many employees appreciate for its efforts to fight hunger in local communities. In 2016 alone, Allegion Canada team members helped sort nearly 12,000 pounds of food there, in addition to making financial donations. Similarly, sales offices across the region regularly hold friendly competitions to collect items for local foodbanks.

To truly make a difference in their communities, employees in Mexico support orphanages in the three cities where Allegion operates. In addition to cash donations from Allegion, employees give food, cleaning supplies, clothes and toys. On "Día del Niño" (Children's Day)  each year, a group of Allegion team members visits the orphanages, delivering these donations as well as cupcakes, party favors and piñatas to make the children truly feel special.


Asia Pacific

Education is one area of support that’s prioritized by Allegion teams across the Asia-Pacific region. In China, employees volunteer as mentors in the subjects of manufacturing and security for local univerity students. In Singapore, donations are made to support book purchases for local students. And, in New Zealand, employees sponsor an organization called “Eat My Lunch” to provide free lunches to local students who would otherwise go without.

Joining cause-related marathons is yet another way team members enjoy giving back – while also celebrating Allegion’s “Be safe, be healthy” value. Annually, Allegion employees and their families in Australia and New Zealand participate in “Round the Bays” and other fun-runs to raise money for local charities.


Each year, for Allegion’s anniversary, team members in India organize a special way to give back to their communities. Since 2014, these charitable activities have ranged from serving at a local orphanage to cleaning up neighborhoods to providing local school children with needed books, computers and even sports equipment.

Across Europe, team members rally around organizations that truly make an impact in the lives of those who need it most – when they need it most. In Italy, this has taken the form of donations to a fund set up to help victims from the August 2016 earthquake. While no Allegion employees were injured and all Allegion facilities remained operational, more than 30,000 neighbors in the broader communities were left homeless – and our team members felt a strong urgency to help.

Our other operations – in countries like France, Germany and the UK – offer support for organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. We’re proud to have team members who believe in the importance of such worthy causes.