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John Goodwin

Principal, Allegion Ventures

John is one of our principals at Allegion Ventures, as well as vice president and general manager of Allegion’s Multi-Family Access business unit within Allegion Americas. A U.K. native, John has also spent time living in Italy and now currently resides in the U.S. His experience in different geographies allows him to bring a unique global cultural perspective to his roles, and he has had the opportunity to lead diverse, smart teams across the world throughout his career.

In addition to a global perspective, John also brings in-depth knowledge of user experience, digital business and systems architecture to the Allegion Ventures team. Growing up surrounded by the latest technology, with a curiosity to experiment and push the boundaries, inspired him to pursue a career of leading technology teams with a constant desire for innovation and progress. His motivation comes from solving customer problems and delivering value that they might not have envisioned. His futurist strengths, when combined with his practical problem-solving skills and fueled by his competitive side, has served him well as principal at Allegion Ventures. These skills have also helped him deliver value to the portfolio companies by connecting solutions, people and many other commercial partners of Allegion.  

John has over 15 years of experience in the security industry and is passionate about finding start-ups that want to continue to move this industry forward. His work experience spans a variety of functions and business units, as well as the pharmaceutical, automotive and security industries.

Married with two kids, John is an avid traveler and explorer, addicted to running, excessively passionate about football (soccer) and a bit of a Star Wars nerd. He is active in programs promoting awareness of mental health issues, and is a motivator and inspiration for others to focus on the balance of being healthy and managing busy professional lives.

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