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Rethinking opportunities for the new normal: the value of a COVID-19 lens

For many brands and employers, the complexity of the pandemic and adrenaline rush of crisis mode has ebbed, but it has shifted the lens through which our customers and employees view work, life, employers and relationships. It happened all around the world and with unimagined speed. COVID-19 affected our customers and businesses in significant ways, and that shift also offers opportunities to address new needs.

During the pandemic, people experienced massive disruption in whether, where and how they could shop, eat, work, study, travel and experience connection. Workers had no choice but to use company collaboration platforms—and some who resisted earlier found they liked it. Sales teams found their B2B customers open to online appointments and time behind the wheel free to raise the bar in relationship-building. Shoppers met with empty shelves tried new brands, direct-to-consumer services and home delivery for the first time. Now, worried about the economy, people are seeking value and luxury brand loyalists wonder if they could be seen as tone-deaf.

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