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Digital Transformations Start With The Customer, Not Technology

In a time when technology rules and a digital strategy is table stakes, it may surprise you that the cornerstone of a successful digital transformation is, in fact, not technology. Instead, businesses should turn their focus to uncovering the needs and desires of the customer. There, they will find the answers they so desperately seek on how to implement and sustain an effective digital transformation project in their own workplace.

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Allegion develops early-career talent through Supply Chain Leadership Program

The Allegion Supply Chain Leadership Program (SCLP) provides early-career employees with the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience through four six-month long rotations in supply chain management at Allegion facilities worldwide. The first cohort finished its two-year-long experience in Q4 of 2019. 

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2020 Tech Predictions: Physical spaces, privacy laws and 5G

The past decade brought an incredible leap forward in technology: just 10 years ago, we were all celebrating the iPhone 3GS, with its “impressive” three megapixel camera.

Oh how the times have changed.

2020 – and the “roaring twenties” – will evolve technology to places that seemed like science fiction only a few short years ago. 

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MFG Day 2019: Allegion Showcases Modern Manufacturing at Six U.S. Facilities

In celebration of “National Manufacturing Month,” six Allegion manufacturing facilities connected more than 450 students to nearly 200 employees who showed them the thriving world of modern manufacturing. The events, done in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers, totaled over 3,000 in 2019.

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Tech Wont Kill The Need For Skilled Labor

There's a common argument that technology will replace workers—but, truth be told, manufacturing is a people business. Jobs in modern manufacturing use people's problem-solving abilities and technical skills to create and innovate. While some processes can be automated, they are still managed by people and require skills like coding and programming. Because of that, I believe there will continue to be great-paying jobs in our industry moving forward.

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Buying a Smart Home Device

Smart home devices are an increasingly popular holiday gift – but they’re not all created equal. Learn more from Rob Martens, Futurist, President of Allegion Ventures, about what to look for in a smart home device so it can be the gift that keeps giving.

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Manufacturing Q&A: An interview with Allegion CEO Dave Petratis

I feel I can walk into any type of business and understand what is going on because of my manufacturing experience. Inside every plant, you have human resources, materials management, engineering, new products and more. It’s an excellent laboratory to be able to understand business from a variety of different lenses and be able to apply knowledge and see results, which is very rewarding.

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Dave Petratis: From the manufacturing floor to the board room

Dave was named the CEO of Allegion during the Ingersoll Rand spin-off in 2013. Dave says, “The job at Allegion was a new challenge for me. It really has exceeded my wildest dreams.” He recognizes that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for all of the learning and cumulative experiences along the way.

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Allegion products make career path academy safe and secure

Allegion played a major role in the security features of one of Arizona's newest high schools, Eastmark, on a campus that's anything but ordinary. Queen Creek Unified School District, where Eastmark High School resides, has strong ties to Allegion, which allowed the Allegion team to be involved in every part of the 24 month-build.

Read the article > Talent Talk: The Manufacturing Truth: Vibrant Industry, Rewarding Careers

Allegion Shipping Supervisor, Brandon Krieg, shares what inspired him to pursue a career in manufacturing after completing his degree in organizational management at Purdue University. He also shares his perspective on the opportunities for learning, development and career advancement in the manufacturing industry, and the pride he feels to work for a company committed to keeping people safe.

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Security Matters: How can schools avoid having secondary entrances propped open?

Exterior secondary openings are a common struggle for schools. How can schools keep them from being propped open and allowing visitors to slip in and out unnoticed? Tim Eckersley discusses code requirements related to secondary entrances, training to help school staff understand when and how to leave these entrances open and solutions to give school administrators more control and visibility over these entrances. 

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5 things schools should know about security

It is important to prepare for all emergency situations – not just active shooters. While preparation for active shooter situations is important and top-of-mind for many educational facilities right now, it is equally as important to be prepared for other emergency situations as well, such as fires, natural disasters and more

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South Carolina school district enhances security, reduces manual efforts with Allegion solution

When it comes to the safety and security of their students, faculty and properties, Rock Hill School District isn’t taking any chances. Located in York County, S.C., Rock Hill School District sprawls out across 31 million square feet, making it the 11th largest school district in the state. Each fall, the Rock Hill School District welcomes about 18,000 students to its campuses, and for the duration of the school year, is responsible for their safety and well-being. 

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TechPoint: Six Key Practices of a Successful Innovation Team

Allegion Global Software Services Director, Matt O’Dell, identifies six key practices of a successful innovation team, how Allegion implements these practices and lessons he’s learned along the way.

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TechPoint: Embracing the Learning Journey

Allegion Chief Customer & Digital Officer Tracy Kemp examines the importance of innovation within the organization and how Allegion encourages and challenges team members to develop new ideas and take risks. 

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Bloomberg: Dave Petratis on the State of Manufacturing

Dave Petratis discussed the state of manufacturing, tech advancements within the industry and Allegion’s approach and commitment to a qualified, diverse global workforce in an interview broadcast of “Daybreak Americas” on Bloomberg TV.

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You Are Here (And So is Everyone Else)

As the world’s population grows, it also becomes increasingly urban. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and this number is expected to jump to 67% by 2050, according to the United Nations. With our cities becoming more and more crowded, the need to plan our spaces more effectively has become an imperative. Recent advances in technology and security can help as we begin to address this issue.

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IoT Promises a Future of Guaranteed Outcomes

The promise of IoT is not about developing one innovative Cloud-integrated product at a time. It’s about creating an ecosystem, says Lee Odess, vice president for solution providers at Allegion. Read more from ASSEMBLY Magazine.

Allegion and the Future of IoT

The IoT, or “Internet of Things” has quickly transformed from a buzz phrase into a call to action in the global marketplace. Learn more about the effects of the IoT on the security industry.

Allegion Ventures: Voice and security

The transformative power of voice UI is making our interactions with technology more natural - but how do you make it secure? In this episode, John Goodwin welcomes Chris Halaschek of Pindrop to discuss recent advances in voice biometrics to bring strong, frictionless forms of authentication to better the user experience.

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Building Smarter and Safer Homes

Lee Odess, the vice president of solution providers business at Allegion, examines the smart home market, its challenges and opportunities, and takes a look into the future. 

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Infographic: Space utilization

Cities are becoming more crowded, but workplaces can still feel like a ghost town – and not just on Friday afternoons. As more workplaces offer flexible and remote work options, they can repurpose underutilized space to serve the demands of a growing urban population. Check out this infographic to learn more about space utilization, and how access control technologies are helping 

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Security Matters: Developing a lockdown strategy

What is a lockdown strategy? How do you develop it? Tim Eckersley shares his expertise and walks you through points to consider when controlling the flow of traffic into, out of, and throughout their buildings during emergencies - including training, communication, and building codes.

Tech Talks: 6 things you need to achieve a truly smart home

What are the six things you need to achieve a truly smart home? Hear more from Lee Odess on what he believes we need in place to actually be able to create that smart home that the industry and consumers have been looking for.

Tech Talks: What is a smart home?

What is a smart home? Hear more from Lee Odess on the progression from a connected home to a truly smart home.

Tech Talks: The outlook for smart home industry

Lee Odess shares his thoughts on the outlook for the smart home industry.

Getting Started with Voice

“The convenience of using voice technology is so high,” says Allegion Ventures Principal John Goodwin. As voice technology continues to develop, he sees a clear need to re-think how we’ve developed applications to accommodate the voice interface - and to think voice- and mobile-first.

Security Matters: What are proven and reliable practices in physical school security?

Tim Eckersley shares his expertise on proven and reliable practices in physical school security. He boils it down to his top three tips, which include code considerations, layered security, and more.

Voice Tech Goes to Work

The traction is just starting for consumers - but enterprises and the commercial world have barely tapped into voice tech! Hear John and Doshia talk about potential day-to-day life planning and productivity hacks.

Voice in Everyday Life

Join Doshia Stewart and John Goodwin on how voice technology is impacting the way users interact with mobile devices, and how it's making everyday behaviors, like searching for information, easier.

Security Matters: How Do Schools Get Started in Physical School Security?

Join Tim Eckersley, President of Allegion Americas, as he answers the question “How do schools get started in physical school security?” There aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions or emergency response plans, but there are three tips for schools and security decision makers to keep in mind.

Infographic: Voice and Society

AI and machine learning technology is taking voice assistants to new levels in both the home and workplace, driving a seamless experience. Moving from our homes to our cars to our work, voice technology is blurring the lines to help us be more productive. As voice interfaces find their way into more homes around the world, look – and listen – for these simple-to-use interfaces to begin showing up in other aspects of our lives, like at schools and healthcare facilities.

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Security Matters: Why is School Security So Important?

Join Tim Eckersley, President of Allegion Americas, as he discusses why school security is so important. As a business leader, he's been able to combine his passion for empowering children with his industry expertise to push for more progress - because every child and teacher deserves a safe place to learn and work.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Bobby Prostko, Principal of Allegion Ventures, also works as Allegion's chief cybersecurity counsel. Doshia Stewart, CMO of Allegion Ventures, joins Bobby to dive deeper into cybersecurity and how it affects portfolio companies.

Advantages and Pitfalls of Electronic Locking Solutions

The concept of door locks means something totally different in our current age of smarter buildings that house data-driven businesses. Hardware locks and keys are still around, but they co-exist with a brave new world of electronic locks, wireless locks, networked systems, and smarter access control. Locks can also increasingly be a part of a smart building’s flow of data. The opportunities of these new technologies and approaches are significant, but there are also pitfalls. Read about an interesting discussion about these topics presented by several business leaders from lock company Allegion at a press event at ISC West earlier this year, from

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Security Matters: What is School Security?

Join Tim Eckersley, President of Allegion Americas, as he discusses the complexities of school security. It's going to require a holistic approach - from physical security to mental health to training and more.

Voice as a Platform

Voice has made interacting with technology more fluid and natural. Join Doshia to hear John Goodwin's thoughts on how voice has gained traction among consumers, and how the rapidly growing voice infrastructure is setting our society up for the future.

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Allegion’s Tracy Kemp Named 2018 ‘CTO of the Year’

Tracy Kemp has been named a 2018 “CTO of the Year” by the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) and Techpoint.

Kemp is among an elite list of 15 total honorees, earning this year’s top title for the public companies category, which had three honorees. The IBJ and Techpoint accepted nominations for this award for “men and women who excel at using technology to help their employers achieve their strategic goals.” Allegion Chairman, President and CEO Dave Petratis nominated her for the award.

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Allegion reviews UK Fire Safety and Security Regulation issues in Healthcare and Education

The healthcare and education sectors are continuously facing safety and security concerns within their premises. This comes as a result of obligations to remain compliant to codes and regulations, whilst also balancing budgeting pressures or other restricting internal issues.

Innovation Culture Pays Off: Interflex recognized as TOP 100 Company 2018

Interflex Datensysteme GmbH (Interflex) was recognized on June 29 by Top100 as a TOP 100 company in 2018 – and, thus, one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

"Our ranking among the TOP 100 is an exciting external validation that we are on the right track with our sophisticated innovation strategy. Innovation culture has always been important at Interflex, especially as a part of the Allegion family. We want to be on the leading edge of technology and solutions for our customers, and we want to empower our employees to be creative and curious," emphasized Dr. Jörg Wissdorf, general manager at Interflex, on the occasion of the award. In fact, as an Allegion company, one of Interflex’s core values is “Be curious beyond the obvious,” as well as “Have a passion for excellence” and “Be empowered and accountable.” Dr. Wissdorf said all of these values inspire and support innovation.

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Tech Talks with Yonomi

Yonomi is a leading mobile application and cloud platform provider for connected living. In May 2017, Allegion made an equity investment to help accelerate the ThinCloud™ platform's integration with key devices in the connected space and scale Yonomi's enterprise services for device makers. Join Brenden Hudson and Kent Dixon as they talk about the future of home automation, staying innovative & creative, relationships between startups and corporations, simple design, and simple platforming.

Allegion Americas Honored by Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council for ‘Operational Excellence’

Allegion Americas accepted a Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Award for “Operational Excellence Leadership” at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Wednesday, June 13.

Now in its 14th year, the ML Awards program honors organizations and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. Allegion’s Tijuana Plant was named a winner for a recent project designed to produce increased quality and efficiency, including benchmarks like yield improvement, equipment uptime, scrap reduction, capacity increase and environmental impact improvement.

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Securing the Weakest Link

In 1999, just 19 percent of public schools reported using security cameras. By 2013, that number had increased to 75 percent. It is estimated that by 2018, schools will spend over $1.1 billion annually on security infrastructure, but the majority of these funds are being invested in video surveillance systems, which are used almost exclusively to analyze events after they have occurred, rather than preventing them happening in the first place.

So what can we do to protect our children? Learn more with Allegion US in this hands-on article.

Tech Talks with High Alpha

Rob Martens talks to Eric Tobias, CEO and co-founder of High Alpha about a variety of topics, including how to scale a tech company, how large companies can learn to move at the speed of tech, and why culture matters. Watch the entire video series on YouTube.

Allegion’s Dave Petratis Named ‘CEO Who Gets It’ by National Safety Council

Dave Petratis has been named a “CEO Who Gets It” by the National Safety Council, an honor presented annually to company leaders who go above and beyond to protect employees both on and off the job. Petratis is among an elite list of eight 2018 recipients. The National Safety Council said each 2018 honoree has built his or her organization’s safety strategy using four key components: leadership and employee engagement, safety management solutions, risk reduction and performance measurement.

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Augmented Reality is for More Than Just Capturing Pokémon

Pokémon GO: The mobile app that took the world by storm in 2016 by integrating virtual reality into real-world environments. Augmented reality isn’t new. So, what made this game particularly special, and what does it mean for the security industry? Read more.

Keeping up with codes

When are fire-rated doors required? What about panic devices? Allegion’s code expert Lori Greene has the answers to your code questions on her blog iDigHardware. 

Industry 4.0 and Access 5.0

Industry 4.0 and Access 5.0: what do these terms mean, and how do they realistically impact employers? Read this interview with Dr. Wissdorf, GM of Interflex.

Elevate Design Collective

Elevate Design Collective is a group of 6 home accent brands, working together to lead, inspire and expand the possibilities of interior design. Designers from each of the brands have integrated a custom Pantone color, developed exclusively for ELEVATE, into a suite of products.