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Our commitment

We strive to create a company where all people feel welcome and valued.

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strengthen our teams, build employee engagement, deliver customer excellence, and produce superior business results. Our commitments go beyond our walls with corporate social responsibility and individual actions that make the communities where we live better.

We know it's a journey but, together, the people of Allegion are creating a more inclusive workplace and a more equitable, better world.

Allegion's approach


Learn & listen deeply 
Learn to recognize biases and mitigate them. Seek to first understand the other person's perspective rather than respond or act.

Unite widely
Create a workplace where all employees feel welcomed, respected and valued, enabling customers to more easily connect with our brands through our people.

Take action
Identify the unique things that impact our organization, our communities and our industry.

Strategic action priorities


•   Building and sustaining equitable policies and procedures

•   Creating an inclusive culture

•   Elevating DEI in our industry and communities






Diverse leadership


We have a good balance of new and experienced directors on our board – and our directors possess a varied and balanced mix of skills, business and leadership experience, board experience and viewpoints. For more on the diversity of our Board of Directors and executive leadership team please visit our ESG discussion on goals and KPIs.

For more details on Board structure and composition, please refer to our most recent proxy.