5 Questions with Dr. Wissdorf, GM of Interflex: Industry 4.0 and Access 5.0

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Stuttgart, Germany (August 12, 2016) – Dr. Wissdorf, what does Industry 4.0 mean for companies that provide access control products? 

In my opinion, providers of access solutions should fulfill three criteria. The first criterion is a holistic solution approach. The provider examines the challenges faced by its customers in depth. In the end, the customer does not purchase a single product, but instead a solution for a complex problem. 

The second criterion is met if components can be networked. Herein lies a big potential savings for the customer. If, for example, the customer does not want to replace his hardware due to cost concerns, this should not be a problem anymore today when buying a software for access control. 

Dr. Wissdorf explains Industry 4.0 and Access 5.0.

...And the third criterion? 

The third criterion allows the customers to take action within the scope of Industry 4.0 themselves. Individualizing products for global markets requires a high degree of flexibility. Companies have to network their production procedures with the appropriate software. Providing qualified personnel whilst adhering to the various work time regulations overall the countries is another challenge. This requires solutions that allow the employees to freely move in space and time as needed. 

If Industry 4.0 already contributes to processes being optimized, how does the future of access control systems look? 

In the Industry 4.0 era, machines or systems communicate with each other. In “Smart Factories,” mechanical abilities are linked with intelligent software. We ring the start bell for the “5.0” era. When we talk about “Access 5.0,” we go a step further. In future, the machines communicate with humans. For the access control, our concern is to make the work processes user-friendly for both the employees and the administrators, by means of systems that intelligently communicate with the user. Employees should be able to focus on their work, without being distracted by administrative tasks. 

Access 5.0, what exactly does that mean? Are there application examples? 

There are already some instances of individual communication between systems and employees. For example, the administrator of a security control center can receive a message about danger warnings. Additionally the system can provide safety instructions to the employees over loudspeakers. In future, the smartphone will also play a central role in the communication between man and machine. For example, an administrator can be asked on the go to allow access to an employee for a factory in another country. 

What opportunities are there to get to know the “Access 5.0” approach? 

At the Security trade fair in Essen in September, the main meeting point for the security industry. We will take the time to talk about Access 5.0 at the Interflex booth to any visitor about their challenges at length. Our customers trust our know-how and our powerful, reliable products. We are not concerned with winning product comparisons. We want interested parties to invest their trust in us. We identify their requirements and find the best solution that protects their investment in the long term. 


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