5 Questions with Tim Eckersley, SVP and President of the Americas: School Security in the U.S.

(October 17, 2016) – Tim Eckersley, SVP and President of the Americas, weighs in on school security in the U.S.

Tim Eckersley, SVP and President of the Americas, explains his passion for school security.

1.    Why is school security an important issue in the U.S.?

Today, schools face significant safety and security threats – and not just in terms of natural disasters. Our schools are “soft targets” for man-made violence, too. At the same time, the main instructional buildings of America’s ~100,000 K-12 public schools are, on average, more than 40 years old. Many schools don’t have updated hardware and technology that’s available to protect students, teachers and administration because they don’t have access to funding. Building security should not compete with needed education tools like books for a place in the budget.

2.      Why does school security matter to you?

School security is a passion of mine. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a genuine interest in kids’ wellbeing. As a board member for the Security Industry Association and as a business leader for Allegion, I’ve been able to combine that interest with my industry expertise to help push for progress. I believe our nation's children are our greatest asset, and it's our industry's moral imperative to work together with educators, parents, government and law enforcement officials to protect them with the tools we have available.

3.      Why is it important for Allegion to help lead a conversation on school security?

If not us, who else? Allegion’s purpose is to create peace of mind by pioneering safety and security. Our vision is to make the world safer as a company of experts, securing the places where people thrive. Children not only need educational tools to learn, but also an environment that allows them to be their best.

4.      How can schools improve school security, even when on a tight budget?

There are three things schools can do, after they assess their unique infrastructure needs and understand potential problem areas:

  • Stay focused on proven and reliable practices.
  • Develop a lockdown strategy.
  • Plan and prepare.

5.      What innovative school security products does Allegion offer?

Allegion has safety and security solutions for nearly every layer of a school – from the main entrance, to vestibules to office and classroom doors. Each school is unique, so there’s not one right solution – there are many combinations that may involve keys, codes and cards. For lockdown situations, Allegion has both centralized and standalone remote lock options. The Schlage AD-400 is a wireless solution that locks and unlocks doors with a credential. It can also lock down doors within 10 seconds from a central location. The Schlage CO-220 is a standalone solution that can immediately lock down up to 10 locks in a given area with the press of a button on a remote fob. It has a light to verify that the door is secure.  Keep in mind that these electronic solutions work with other key mechanical door hardware solutions that we’ve been pioneering for years – like mortise and cylindrical locks, door closers and emergency exit bars.


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