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Solutions as unique as your business

Every business in every industry faces unique challenges – that’s why Allegion’s family of brands work together to provide you with the best fit for you. Join us at Hall 3 Booth D30 and Hall 11 Booth C12 at Security Essen.

While you’re there, you’ll have a unique opportunity to participate in product demonstrations, see the latest technology and trends impacting your industry, and talk to our experts.

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Industry Verticals

Access control for commercial solutions


Access control for commercial buildings

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Real Certainty


Solutions for schools and universities

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Integrated Decor


Enhancing the guest experience in hotels and bed & breakfasts

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In the details


Solutions for hospitals and care homes

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Security for houses and apartments

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Access 5.0

What's after Industry 4.0? Interflex GM Dr. Wissdorf has the answers.


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Hotels, chains and B&Bs have very specific needs in terms of security and access control. 

CISA which has more than 35 years’ experience developing solutions in the hospitality sector, offers a complete range of products which are easy to install and stand out for their stylish Italian design.

Reception, guest rooms, communal areas: room after room, here are some of the solutions designed to meet specific needs.


“Monitoring and managing access in real time, remotely and easily.”

In the hotel business, being able to control accesses at all times and from any location is a huge benefit: Allegion meets this need by integrating accesses into a dashboard using wireless technology that manages them remotely by means of an intuitive, user-friendly interface. It allows you to check guest and staff access status at all times; manage their authorisations; and monitor a number of functions, from battery status to door status (open, privacy function, attempts at opening, emergency opening). 

All accesses

“There is a constant flow of people in every hotel. What can we do to feel safer?”

In hotels, where people come and go all the time, access management is of upmost importance. Contactless technology lets you customise access to all areas using a single card, preventing forced entry and unauthorised access. You can also programme each card, establishing when access is to be granted and checking door status (guest in/out of room).

Communal areas

“Communal areas: managing access simply and directly”

From the pool to the gym, access to communal areas calls for careful management. Contactless readers are the answer: they can be easily integrated into other electronic systems (e.g. electric gates, automatic barriers, electronic locks) so guests can access communal areas with a single credential and staff can verify access status and authorisations at all times.

Guest rooms

“The only solution for managing several devices and saving energy”

Monitoring energy consumption and respecting the environment are both very important issues. By combining a contactless card with an energy saver installed in the room, guests can manage all their devices with just one card, ensuring considerable energy savings for the hotel.


Electronic locks provide a highly intelligent approach to customising access management. Drawing on the innovation and experience of Normbau, Allegion presents a range of new Pegasys solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Here are a few highlights: 

Communal areas 

“Access made easy, from lifts to barriers”

Combining management of different levels of access is never a simple task, which is why a contactless wall reader is the ideal solution. Management of lifts, parking barriers, gates and other access points becomes simple and trouble-free.

Outside doors 

“When reliability and durability are essential””

Outside doors are at the mercy of the weather, so they must be durable. Specially designed electronic locks made of sturdy, rustproof steel are available for outside areas: secure, durable and elegant, and they can be adjusted to fit all types of doors.

Inside doors 

“For additional security”

Certain environments call for exceptionally secure management that is also simple to operate. With this in mind, electronic locks combined with a digital keypad provide access only when the correct pin code is entered. There is no risk of card theft, making for a higher level of security.

“Flexibility and security, in style.”

Electronic locks allow you to configure entry and access rights throughout a building with just one card, the ideal solution for anyone who is looking to manage multiple accesses in a convenient, controlled manner.

Style is an important consideration for many venues, such as museums, apartment buildings and , concert halls. Electronic locks with exclusive designs and finishes are available to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic standards, including solutions that require no wiring and are battery powered, for simple installation.

aptiQ multi technology reader
Schlage hand geometry reader


The world of education is faced with the growing need for solutions to make facilities safe, secure and productive. Allegion has combined the specific know-how of its brands to produce a series of solutions which meet all the needs of this important and vital sector. 

Main entrance

“Safe, easy access”

Schools welcome many visitors and need an easy way to grant and limit access. Programmable locks and remote controlled access provide entry to authorized visitors, and allow staff to validate authorization for secure areas.

In addition, the main entrance door at schools and universities can sometimes be heavy to open and dangerous when closing. To solve this problem, a cam-action door closer with a soft opening mechanism can be installed for easy opening and gradual, risk-free closing.


“Preventing accidents”

It’s easy for young schoolchildren to get their clothes caught on door handles. To prevent this, Allegion offers a range of handles with a special U-shaped design to prevent accidents.

Emergency exits

“Securing exits, controlling entry”

Panic exit devices are designed to provide immediate escape in an emergency, and control access from the outside. At times, students or staff may prop open doors for convenience, which leaves the building vulnerable to unauthorized entry or exit. To prevent this, Allegion proposes an electronic panic exit device for certain sensitive areas that either sounds an alarm when it is opened or when it is left ajar for an extended period . A contactless keypad or a reader with a numerical keypad can also be installed to customise access rights for personnel and avoid the alarm sounding.


In the Healthcare sector, optimizing the facility's physical environment can lead to improved patient and staff satisfaction and productivity.. To achieve this, Allegion offers customised solutions specially designed for each specific environment and need.

Emergency exits

“Certified security, additional protection”

In a hospital, emergency exits must be able to guarantee security for patients, staff and visitors. To ensure everyone can exit quickly and easily in case of an  emergency,  panic exit devices are tested and certified in accordance with the European code standards. Panic exit devices for healthcare facilities allow immediate safe escape thanks to their assisted opening feature. They are also available with a special antibacterial finish to protect patients and staff from the spread of disease.  

Access control and management 

“Fewer keys, greater security”

In a healthcare facility, access must be managed and controlled with great detail. A master key system allows the building manager to open several doors with a single key and manage specific entrances hierarchically: only authorised personnel can access certain areas. And copies of keys can only be obtained upon presentation of a special card.  

Sensitive areas

“Extra security where it is needed”

In healthcare facilities, many areas such as laboratories, management offices and technical rooms need limited access and require additional  security measures. An innovative lock is the answer, offering maximum resistance to forced entry and an electronic cylinder, increasing security and granting access to authorised personnel only.


Our home is the one place where we must feel safe and secure: Allegion designs a variety of convenient and reliable products which combine advanced security with ease of use. Here are some of the leading solutions it offers for residential security.

Pedestrian gates

“So you always know if the gate is open”

An open gate is a risk: children and pets could get out, strangers can get in. The solution is simple: Allegion offers a gate closer with an electronic lock and an alarm that goes off if the gate is left open. If the gate is opened but no one enters, on the other hand, the gate closer automatically closes after a set time. 


“Comfort without compromise”

Some windows are too high up for you to be able to manage them easily: thanks to an electric window opener with remote control, you can open and close any window easily and securely.

Armoured doors

“Guaranteeing a totally secure closure”

Armoured doors are only secure if all the deadbolts are engaged. For safe access, Allegion offers an electronic lock for armoured doors: just shut the door and the deadbolts automatically engage. You can also open the door easily from the outside, even without the key, choosing from a number of different options including a transponder or a numerical keypad.


Access Control

When it comes to corporate security, choosing a suitable and future-oriented access system poses one of the most important tasks and challenges. In this context it must be kept in mind that today companies are growing and expanding at a fast rate. Dr Jörg Wissdorf, Director of Interflex, a specialized brand for access control and time recording, explains: "We are currently working on the next revolution in access control – Access 5.0: To us this means individual forms of communication between system and persons. We develop our systems according to the demands of our customers, making work processes easier and more dynamic, for instance with mobile apps, employee self service or specific workflows." A key role in all of this is played by innovative interfaces and transmission channels (Bluetooth low energy technology, NFC, etc.) that operate intuitively and without complicated registration, configuration or manual updates if at all possible.


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