Specification Writer Apprenticeship Program (SWAP)


SWAP is designed to prepare new graduates to become Specification Consultants who actively educate, service and interact with business partners. As a SWAP participant, you will complete a 9 month training program that begins in June each year. In the first 6 months, you will relocate to our training facility in Golden Valley, MN. During the last 3 months, you will move to the specific sales office you are hired for.  Locations vary each year.

During the program, you will:  

  • Learn to read, interpret and expertly analyze blueprints, door schedules and door/frame elevations

  • Recommend the appropriate hardware and electronic security products to our commercial customers 

  • Meet with architects, security consultants and end users to provide professional door hardware specifications & consulting for physical and logical security

SWAP members get to meet with architects, security consultants and end-users to provide professional door hardware specifications & consulting for physical and logical security.  

Specification writers are very valued members of the Allegion team. They work alongside people from the sales department to ensure that Allegion’s customers are getting the highest degree of security. Working with architects, our SWAP participants ensure that people are safe where they work, live and thrive from the beginning of every project.

Meet Lesley


Previously an interior designer, Lesley successfully completed the Specification Writing Apprenticeship Program and now works as a Specification Consultant. As a young professional, she praises the program for giving her the knowledge and the leadership development that she needed to succeed early on. “Because of this program, I have been able to get more certifications in different areas. I would highly recommend the program to anyone because it is a small group setting, and everyone involved wants you to succeed. They give you all of the resources to do so.” 

Lesley’s favorite value is “Enjoy what you do and celebrate who we are,” which she says directly ties into the passion she has for her career.

Meet Kevin B.


Kevin serves as the Specification Consultant Development Director, tasked with training the program’s participants. “This is the most rewarding opportunity of my hardware career. I get the opportunity to shape the lives of young people and provide them with a skill that will serve them regardless of where this company leads them.” 

Kevin makes a point to become a mentor to PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS – in part because of his own early career experiences. “I had a mentor who gave unselfishly of his time to teach me. He always encouraged me to do the same if I had the opportunity.” This program gives young professionals the ability to stay engaged with their projects. “They will never get bored, as they will be involved in many new projects every year. As a Specification Consultant, I probably averaged somewhere north of 125 projects per year.” 

Meet Jessica L.

Meet Jessica L.

"Be empowered and accountable is the Allegion value that has really impacted my SWAP experience because I am confident in my learning and know that when I do have questions, there are people who I can always go to and make sure I have the right information and right logic."

Program requirements

We require an associate’s degree, preferably in construction, architecture, business or a technical field prior to the program’s start.

At Allegion, you can part of a dynamic, collaborative and increasingly global work environment. As the world of security evolves, we research, develop and innovate to stay one step ahead, creating new solutions to new challenges.

Ideas matter here, and we nurture them by minimizing bureaucracy. We encourage personal initiative because it’s a core part of our culture and values. After all, this is your business. Run with it.

We prize strong performers, creative risk-takers, and progressive leaders- valuing our employees’ contributions, and recognizing them. As a company that’s constantly seeking and DIScovering new frontiers, we’re looking for pioneers. 

Come be a part of the Allegion team. Apply now for an open position with the Specification Writer Apprentice Program.

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