Accelerated Development Program for Engineering


Allegion is committed to developing exceptional engineers through state-of-the-art tools and methodologies. Our Accelerated Development Program for Engineering offers you the ability to rapidly ramp-up to full productivity by gaining exposure to the business and developing technical and soft skills. It also provides a positive platform for future growth, advancement and success. We prize self-motivated problem solvers able to operate with limited supervision to help achieve goals for a global team.

The program spans the course of 18-24 months and is designed to build technical competence, tool proficiency, product application knowledge, business understanding, and to develop leadership skills.  An equally important aspect of the program is successful assimilation into your assigned development team.

We value innovative engineers who understand the importance of collaboration and customer focus. Allegion is an industry leader, and we prize engineers who always move forward and stay on the cutting-edge of technology. 

Positions are available in the following locations: Carmel, Ind., Golden, Colo., Security, Colo. and Indianapolis, Ind. 

This program focuses on: 

  • Training on tools and processes and Allegion orientation

  • Product Lifecycle Development

  • Taking a product from planning through launch

  • Leadership development opportunities

Meet Austin R.

Meet Austin R.

Austin completed the Accelerated Development Program for Engineering and now works as a Mechanical Engineer for the company. He recommends the program for anyone who wants to work for an innovative company: “My favorite part of Allegion is the emphasis that is placed on innovation, and I have enjoyed seeing the environment become more innovative every day.” 

Austin also credits the program for offering a lot of exposure opportunities to those involved. “The program doesn’t just focus on engineering. It offers a lot of exposure to Allegion and what is going on outside of the engineering department, which I really helped me become exposed to the overall business.” 

Meet Jaime S.


Jaime is a current Allegion employee who completed the Accelerated Development Program for Engineering. Currently working as a mechanical engineer, Jaime has attributed many of his career opportunities to this program. “This program has given me plenty of opportunities for additional training and product involvement that might not have been possible if I was hired in for a standard engineering entry-level job. I got to really experience New Product Development and innovation projects, and getting that experience right away is really important for our careers long term.”

Allegion understands that being innovative and transformative is important to engineers, which is why the ADP program has a specific section dedicated to innovation where the participants focus full time on one or more innovation projects. The tasks are meaningful, and many participants have their direct hand in ongoing company-wide projects. “It’s a really rewarding opportunity that you won't see set up in some other companies.”

Program requirements

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering or Computer Engineering
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Prior engineering internship required

Ideas matter here, and we nurture them by minimizing bureaucracy. We encourage personal initiative because it’s a core part of our culture and values. After all, this is your business run with it.

We prize strong performers, creative risk-takers, and progressive leaders - valuing our employees’ contributions and recognizing them publicly. As a company that’s constantly seeking and discovering new frontiers, we’re looking for pioneers. 


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