Senior engineering manager – testing & reliability, India

I’ve been at Allegion for 12 years, and I’ve served in multiple engineering roles across the organization – from a product test engineer to leading the entire product validation process as an engineering manager.

I’ve loved having the freedom to express myself creatively as an engineer. As an engineer at Allegion, you are encouraged to innovate in every aspect of your job, explore the latest tools and technologies, work with tremendous minds across the globe, build your own career path through different opportunities and challenges, challenge yourself to be better, and to be a good human being.

One of our corporate values is, “This is your business, run with it.” I feel a sense of ownership knowing that Allegion encourages us to be leaders in our roles.

I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction as an engineer at Allegion because I know that I am making the world safer by securing the places where people thrive.