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Employee Training

Allegion firmly believes that education and awareness are an integral part of our ethical culture and developing employees.

Each year, employees around the world receive vital code of conduct training, available in nine languages, that not only explain why we have policies but how to apply them to their role at Allegion. Ethics topics such as data privacy, conflicts of interest, appropriate gifts & entertainment, harassment and diversity are provided to all employees, and we provide additional training on a broad range of topics, from human rights in the supply chain and trade compliance to ethical leadership. Beyond ethics, we offer a broad range of site-specific training sessions on topics such as management skills, innovation, marketing, value stream improvements and safety, and we have more than 2,000 virtual learning modules available to both hourly and salaried Allegion employees around the world.

Employee input is important to us, and in 2017 we created the Allegion Learning Council with representatives from various departments to ensure we are meeting employee needs and help them stay up to date on important information.