Centers of Excellence

Responding to rapid globalization and development, as well as a growing demand for heightened security around the world, Allegion is designing educational centers of excellence to promote the steadily growing and maturing security industry in the Asia-Pacific area—most notably China. With an in-depth understanding of how various security situations and research relate to Allegion and its family of brands, experts from around the world meet to promote security innovation, and to lead the industry to develop and raise security awareness.

Safety and Security Institute

The Safety and Security Institute (SSI) combines rich and diverse resources that continually drive and influence the development of elite security talent. Allegion's SSI has established a series of comprehensive personnel training and a practitioner certification system, including business courses, leadership seminars, and hands-on product training. Following a "people first" philosophy, we continue to solve the core needs of industry professionals to better our society.

From university partnerships and journals to blogging and surveying, Allegion’s SSI is currently working to expand and gain more exposure throughout the security industry with new initiatives and developments in the pipeline.

Allegion Safety and Security Discovery Center

Visitors are able to experience and interact with the most advanced security products, technologies and solutions in the Allegion Safety and Security Discovery Center. It makes safety and security more accessible to the public, so that they understand better ways of providing a vivid education to deepen personal understanding.

Through the Discovery Center, we will promote Allegion is a leading global provider of safety and security products, meanwhile,  we positively engage in public welfare activities, popularize and promote safety and security knowledge for public and return to society.