Custom solutions

One size does not fit all. At Allegion, we understand that not all security systems work for all situations. Our brands can tailor their components around your needs—giving you specialized security that comes with the same peace of mind you get with all of Allegion’s products.

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Perfect for hospitals, concert halls, libraries and more, find security components that are whisper-quiet, including quiet push pads and latches.

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Enhance your building’s personality with customizable security solutions—to provide an atmosphere that is inspiring without sacrificing safety.

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When certain areas of your business need more security than others, count on Allegion’s high-security solutions to keep out unwanted visitors and monitor your most trusted spaces.

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Sometimes Mother Nature, water, salt and other chemicals can wreak havoc on your security systems. Keep up the performance of your security products with durable, long-lasting opening units—in any geographic location.

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Doorways come in all shapes and sizes. Find security products that meet a variety of requirements with our flexible security solutions.

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