Channel Support

You told us what you wanted and we listened—simplified pricing, greater differentiation, and support in business planning. Our goal is to become more engaged with you as a strategic planner so you can build your business. You need the right tools and the right resources, and Allegion is here to help. With our new Channel Growth Program, we can become more engaged with you as a distributor, while you focus on your business and, in turn, add value to our shared customers. We want to make it easier for you to do business with us. That’s why we’ve designed something different, something we’ve never done before and something no one else has, either. Our Channel Growth Program will now offer you incentives and resources that are aligned with your capabilities, provide a clear set of rules to play by, and build a business relationship anchored by a regular business planning process.Now is the time to achieve the maximum reward by doing what you already do best—we’re just here to back you up.

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