Innovation in Existing and New Product Categories

Our employees are combining more than a century of mechanical expertise with innovative connectivity features and enhanced levels of security to accelerate Allegion's Vitality Index.

Five Growth Pillars

Creativity is in our DNA

Allegion is a company of global experts who thrive on keeping our customers safe. We do this daily by embracing innovation as one of our core values. Allegion encourages employees to be curious beyond the obvious by seeking innovative and new ways to serve customers.

With more than 100 product innovations in 2017, our employees accelerated Allegion’s Vitality Index, the percentage of total revenue derived from new products created in the past 36 months. Innovative connectivity features and enhanced levels of security were brought to market with products such as:

  • Schlage Sense™ premiered its first Wi-Fi adapter – providing residential customers the ability to lock or unlock from anywhere on an Android™ phone or Apple® device.
  • SimonsVoss® released SmartIntego Offline, a virtual network enhancement that seamlessly allows online and offline communication between an access control system and its SmartIntego locks and handles.
  • FSH® launched an active sensor technology for high-security applications across Australia that’s also expanding the brand to new geographic markets.
  • The introduction of new CISA eFAST panic hardware in the commercial and healthcare markets of the EMEIA region, which allows users to efficiently and effectively convert a mechanical exit device to an electric one while pairing it with an already existing control system.
  • An expanded European-standard closers portfolio, offering affordable quality and specialty applications.
  • Portable Security brands’ introductions of compact dynamo lights, e-bike lights, USB and battery-powered lights, new lines of folding locks, integrated chains and electronic ring locks, and mobile applications for bikes and motorcycles.


At the same time, we’re creating best-in-class customer experiences. In 2017, our Americas and IT teams created Overtur, a cloud-based suite of specification tools that centralizes data, reduces errors and allows more collaboration with architecture partners. Tim Eckersley, senior vice president and president of the Americas, explains that because of this launch, “new business models are being established, we have a new development process, and we have disruption in the approach we take relative to the way we interact with architects.”

Trailblazer competition

Further fostering Allegion’s pioneering spirit is the company’s annual Trailblazer Innovation Tournament. The tournament gives employees a chance to develop and pitch their innovative business ideas directly to senior leadership, letting us tap into the creative minds of our 10,000+ employees. All employees, regardless of role or region, are encouraged to compete and collaborate with each other. Teams focus on product innovation (e.g., features or product concept) as well as business models and processes.

More than 130 employees across 34 teams competed in the 2017-18 season, and Trailblazer finalists were showcased at the Allegion Leadership Conference. Together with other creative programs, like Innovation Fridays and the Allegion Idea Rally, employees are encouraged to be curious beyond the obvious. Numerous technologies have formed out of these programs, and many are now in products.

Overall, the learning culture at Allegion has enabled the company to create new areas of focus, improvement, and engagement. As Chris Muhlenkamp, senior vice president of global operations and integrated supply chain, states, “This passion to grow, to improve, to succeed and to achieve, consistent with our values, is the overarching theme of how this company is run.”


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