Growth in Emerging Markets

Investment in electronic solutions and platforms, combined with new go-to-market strategies, were key to Allegion’s 2017 growth in emerging markets.

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Allegion is dedicated to growing its presence in emerging markets. 2017 brought key growth and development in our Asia-Pacific region, especially in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, as well as in the Middle East. Investment in electronic solutions and platforms, combined with new go-to-market strategies, were integral to driving growth in these markets.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Allegion leveraged electronics as a center of excellence. New Schlage-branded products designed for the region were successfully launched in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Impressively, in some cases, the initial stock sold out in less than 30 days.

Also in Singapore, the Allegion and SimonsVoss businesses won large projects as a single, collaborative business. “Our products from the Allegion and SimonsVoss business have also been used by customers to produce very innovative shared meeting spaces,” noted Jeff Wood, senior vice president and president of Asia Pacific. “In one example in the region, you can go online and reserve an office; you can get your key to access that building and meeting space; you can get access to lockers for storage – all through an integrated Allegion system.”

In China, the electronic residential locks market recorded accelerated growth. Allegion will continue to position itself well for growth in these regions by investing in supply chain capabilities and honing in on customer-focused solutions.

In the EMEIA region, acquisitions and several new product launches, including both mechanical and electronic solutions, have driven success. Allegion enabled future growth in the door frame industry in the Middle East by acquiring QMI, a strong focus for 2018. The 2017 creation of the “Global Portable Security” business brought together Kryptonite with our AXA and Trelock acquisitions, allowing us to drive strategic initiatives in this emerging segment of the EMEIA business. Meanwhile, a continued focus on new electronic platforms for commercial and residential markets positions Allegion for growth across the region.


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