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Outside-in thinking is driving continuous improvement across all we do at Allegion.

Five Growth Pillars

It's about continuous improvement

At Allegion, continuous business improvement is a priority. Providing value to our customers, making our processes more efficient, and supporting the growth and development of our employees are all key elements of our approach.

Allegion uses “outside-in thinking” to understand and react to the voice of our customer. We focus our improvement and transformational activities based on customer feedback. Lucia Veiga Moretti, senior vice president and president of EMEIA, explains, “The expectation is that innovation shouldn’t just impact our products, but also the overall customer experience. To truly create the best customer experience, our people must look at our processes from the outside-in. We can drive innovation by listening to our customers’ needs, understanding them and proactively addressing them.”

In keeping with this approach, Allegion recognizes that its customers value delivery reliability. Several key value stream initiatives in our business functions and enhancements to our plant operations drove investments in 2017. Digital technology also continues to provide information to make better business decisions, bringing increased value and support to our employees, shareholders and customers.

Allegion is also dedicated to serving our internal customers by developing our talented global workforce. On an ongoing basis, we engage our employees and provide a work environment where their voices are heard, and their ideas are supported. Chris Muhlenkamp, senior vice president of global operations and integrated supply chain, believes, “We owe that to our workforce – to give them great opportunities to stretch.” Employee engagement activities in 2017 included events like Manufacturing Day and Frontline Leader trainings, as well as cross-functional events and opportunities to meet with executive leaders.

As best put by Muhlenkamp, “Enterprise excellence is more than just an operational element – the tool set can be applied across all areas of Allegion’s business in a meaningful way.” Across our business, we continually look for ways to streamline processes, satisfy customers and engage employees every day.


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