During and After University

Sales Development Program (SDP)

The Sales Development Program is an 18 month rotational training and development program beginning in June each year. Throughout this program, you will learn about Allegion’s products and solutions, empowering you to be successful in our various sales channels. The first six months include a rotational series at our corporate office in Carmel, Indiana, and one of our production sites across the country. The next 12 months is in the field with mentorship from our sales leadership team. Conversion to a full-time sales role will occur after the successful completion of the program.

We require a bachelor’s degree in sales, business or marketing prior to the start of the program in June.

At Allegion, you can be part of a dynamic, collaborative and increasingly global work environment. As the world of security evolves, our research and development organization stays one step ahead, creating new solutions to new challenges.

Ideas matter here, and we nurture them by minimizing bureaucracy. We encourage personal initiative because it’s a core part of our culture and values. After all, this is your business. Run with it.

We prize strong performers, creative risk-takers, and progressive leaders—valuing our employees’ contributions, and recognizing them publicly. As a company that’s constantly seeking and discovering new frontiers, we’re looking for pioneers.

Apply online at www.allegion.com/careers

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