During and After University

Advanced Engineering Innovation Program

The Advanced Engineering Innovation Program is designed to be a positive and motivating experience in a structured and repeatable environment.  The program will provide exposure to the overall business and our processes that will enable the development of key proficiencies, skills, and capabilities of entry level new hires.  The program will leverage a combination of internal and external trainings, project based skills development via sustaining and new product development assignments, and mentoring.  New team members will see an acceleration of skill and proficiency development in becoming a full contributing engineer with the necessary skills and capabilities to execute at the highest levels of performance.   A key element of the program will be to identify and develop leadership capabilities.

The program is targeting early talent individuals to join Allegion as full time employees.  Over a span of 18 months, the program members will be trained on state of the art engineering tools and methodologies. 

Program requirements

  • GPA of 3.0, minimum
  • 2 engineering internships are preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership activities